Design and construction for the aerospace sector

Special Rubber designs and manufactures technical articles in rubber and silicone with specific certifications for the aerospace industry, following the customer in all phases and with the experience of those who have been in the sector for 50 years.

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Aerospace certification

We are certified EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of technical items in rubber and silicone for the Aerospace sector.

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The EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications are based on process management and aim primarily at full customer satisfaction and at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of results to increase the chances of success for companies on the market.


Special Rubber is structured in every detail to support the production and support the design and production of parts intended for the aerospace industry.

The activities of Special Rubber


We design and manufacture technical items in rubber and silicone for various industrial sectors from pharmaceutical to medical, from packaging to automotive, up to aerospace. We are able to design the article from specifications indicated by the customer or from a drawing. The customer is supported in every choice up to the final production of the detail.

Our offer
  • Design service
  • Choice of raw materials, selection of compounds
  • Vulcanization on plastic or metal supports
  • Possibility of making small or large quantities
  • Support for each realization step

Special Rubber, specialists in rubber molding for 50 years


Special Rubber proposes itself as a supplier able to follow the customer in all stages of production, from the feasibility study to the realization of a finished product that meets the technical specifications, projects and regulations required by the customer.

Transversal skills

Our team is made up of employees who have an entire career within Special Rubber. The skills acquired touch various fields of application in relation to the development of technical articles in rubber and silicone .

Our vision

Professionalism, competence and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the approach to the customer and the supply requests that arrive from customers.