For over 40 years

Special Rubber has been designing and manufacturing technical products in rubber with the client’s involvement throughout every step of the development process of new products.

We are specialists in vulcanising rubber and rubber strengthened with rigid supports, especially with metal.

We machine cut seals or particular plans and precision works on vulcanised elements (adjustment and laser cutting).

Our history

  • The beginning

    Special Rubber was founded in 1971 as a company specialising in the production of essential equipment and spare parts for the automotive sector. After 1992 increased the range of products and services provided, forging strong connections with other domestic companies. These companies produced shoe soles, technical items in rubber and rubber/metal, anti-vibration items, special parts for industrial machinery and parts for automobiles and racing motorcycles.

  • Development abroad

    IN 2005 Special Rubber opened its first sales office and increased its turnover abroad, reaching up to 50%.

  • Special Rubber today

    Today Special Rubber manufactures technical products with not only all of the main elastomers but with some special ones too. These are dedicated to a vast number of industrial sectors; electromedical, the lift industry, pharmaceutical, food, packaging, industrial machinery, the railway and nautical industries too.

Our services

From raw materials to the finished product

We study each step of the design stage with care - the composition and production of the compounds - in order to be able to offer the client the best possible product.

Our team

Andrea Carai, production manager
- Andrea Carai

Production Manager

Silvia Pettenuzzo, responsabile progettazione
- Silvia Pettenuzzo

Commercial Manager

Massimo Andreetti, commercial manager
- Massimo Andreetti

Technical Manager

Why Special Rubber

  • From plan to product

    Choosing Special Rubber means receiving consultancy and a complete service, from the moulding project to the finalised product.

  • Including small-scale projects

    With Special Rubber you can even order smaller batches for test products and tailor-made processes.

  • Certification for all uses

    We are capable of providing and certifying compounds or finished products for any use, even for food, pharmaceutical or medical use.

What do out clients say?

We showed Super Rubber our designs and in turn we received complete consultancy on the manufacture of the necessary rubber support. Quick delivery times. - Marco P.
We needed the design, production and certification of a seal for medical equipment. We’ve found a brilliant service. - Laura S.
Great professionalism and in-depth consultancy for the rubber products requested. We'd recommend SLG to anyone who’s looking for a service that is attentive to particular needs and quality. - Michel D.

Special Rubber is an EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company

Discover our certifications for the design and molding processes of technical articles in rubber and silicone.